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Traditional Banku Cooking Stick


Banku Stick - Authentic Banku Stick for Traditional Ghanaian Cuisine


Experience the authenticity of Ghanaian cuisine with the Banku Stick, a traditional tool used in the preparation of Banku, a popular dish in Ghana. Banku is a fermented cornmeal and cassava dough that is cooked and served alongside a variety of flavorful Ghanaian soups and stews. The Banku Stick plays an essential role in the preparation process, ensuring the proper consistency and texture of the dish. Embrace the rich culinary heritage of Ghana and elevate your cooking with this authentic Banku Stick.


  • Traditional tool for making Banku
  • Crafted for optimal mixing and pounding
  • Helps achieve the desired consistency
  • Made from high-quality wood
  • Durable and long-lasting

Traditional tool for making Banku

The Banku Stick is a must-have tool for making Banku, a cherished dish in Ghana. It is designed specifically for the process of mixing and pounding the fermented cornmeal and cassava dough, allowing for thorough blending of ingredients and achieving the desired consistency. The Banku Stick is an integral part of the traditional cooking method, ensuring the authentic taste and texture of Banku.

Crafted for optimal mixing and pounding

The Banku Stick is meticulously crafted to facilitate efficient mixing and pounding of the Banku dough. Its length and shape provide a comfortable grip and leverage, allowing you to exert the necessary force during the pounding process. With the Banku Stick, you can easily combine the ingredients and achieve a smooth and well-blended dough.

Helps achieve the desired consistency

One of the key aspects of Banku preparation is achieving the desired consistency of the dough. The Banku Stick allows you to adjust the texture by controlling the intensity and duration of pounding. By pounding the dough with the Banku Stick, you can create a balance between firmness and softness, resulting in a delightful texture that is characteristic of Banku.

Made from high-quality wood

The Banku Stick is made from high-quality wood, carefully selected for its durability and strength. The sturdy construction ensures that the stick can withstand the repetitive pounding motions without breaking or splintering. The use of authentic materials adds to the traditional appeal and longevity of the Banku Stick.

Durable and long-lasting

The Banku Stick is designed to withstand regular use in the kitchen. Its robust construction and high-quality wood make it a durable and long-lasting tool. With proper care and maintenance, the Banku Stick can accompany you on your culinary journey for years, allowing you to continue preparing delicious Banku dishes with authenticity and tradition.

Embrace the essence of Ghanaian cuisine with the Banku Stick, the authentic tool for making Banku. Crafted for optimal mixing and pounding, this high-quality wooden stick helps achieve the desired consistency and texture of Banku. Experience the rich flavors and cultural heritage of Ghana by incorporating the Banku Stick into your traditional cooking practices. Elevate your culinary skills and create delicious Banku dishes with the authenticity and tradition of the Banku Stick.