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Bird's Custard Powder 300g


Indulge in the rich and creamy goodness of Bird's Custard Powder, the original British vanilla custard mix. With a heritage dating back to 1837, Bird's Custard Powder has been a beloved pantry staple for generations. This iconic dessert mix allows you to create velvety-smooth and luscious custard with ease. Made from the finest ingredients, it delivers a delightful balance of sweet vanilla flavor and smooth texture. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a complement to pies, puddings, or cakes, Bird's Custard Powder is the perfect way to savor a classic British treat.


  • Original British vanilla custard mix
  • Rich and creamy texture
  • Distinctive sweet vanilla flavor
  • Easy to prepare
  • Versatile dessert option
  • Suitable for various recipes

Original British vanilla custard mix

Bird's Custard Powder is the original British vanilla custard mix, known for its authentic taste and quality. It has become a beloved tradition in British households and is cherished for its ability to create a smooth and luxurious custard dessert.

Rich and creamy texture

Prepare for a truly indulgent experience with Bird's Custard Powder. It produces a rich and creamy custard with a velvety-smooth texture that melts in your mouth. Each spoonful is a delightful treat that will leave you craving more.

Distinctive sweet vanilla flavor

The unmistakable sweet vanilla flavor is the hallmark of Bird's Custard Powder. It adds a delightful touch of warmth and sweetness to your custard, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. The vanilla notes perfectly complement a wide range of desserts, making it a versatile option in your culinary repertoire.

Easy to prepare

Bird's Custard Powder is incredibly easy to prepare, allowing you to enjoy delicious custard in no time. Simply mix the powder with sugar and milk, heat it on the stovetop, and stir until it thickens. The clear instructions make it a foolproof dessert that even beginners can master.

Versatile dessert option

Bird's Custard Powder opens up a world of dessert possibilities. Whether you want to enjoy it on its own, pour it over warm pies or crumbles, layer it in trifles, or use it as a filling for cakes or pastries, the options are endless. Let your creativity run wild and delight your taste buds with this versatile dessert mix.

Suitable for various recipes

Bird's Custard Powder is not limited to traditional custard desserts. It can be used as a base for ice creams, sauces, and other confections. Its smooth consistency and rich flavor make it a valuable ingredient in a wide range of sweet treats.

Experience the timeless delight of Bird's Custard Powder, the original British vanilla custard mix. Indulge in its rich and creamy texture, savor its distinctive sweet vanilla flavor, and explore the endless dessert possibilities it offers. Whether you're recreating a classic British recipe or adding a touch of nostalgia to your creations, Bird's Custard Powder is the key to a truly satisfying dessert experience.