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Goya Red Kidney Beans - 15.5oz


Energize your taste buds with Goya Red Kidney Beans! Elevate any dish with this 15.5oz can of beans. Offering remarkable color, texture, and taste, Goya Red Kidney Beans are the ideal ingredient to enhance your culinary delights.

High-Quality Beans

Goya is high quality beans, and these Red Kidney Beans are no exception. You can trust that everyone is filled with plump, beautifully colored beans that meet the brand's high standards. Goya Red Kidney Beans are a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes.

Rich Color

When you add Goya Red Kidney Beans to your dishes, you're not only getting great taste but also a burst of rich, enticing color. The beans' deep red hue adds a visual appeal to your culinary creations, making them even more inviting and appetizing.

Versatile Ingredient

Goya Red Kidney Beans 15.5oz are the versatile secret ingredient your kitchen needs. Whether you're making a hearty chili, a savory stew, or a zesty salad, these beans complement a variety of dishes, adding a burst of flavor and nutrition.

How to Use:

  • Before cooking, rinse the beans in a colander to remove any excess salt and starch. 
  • Drain the soaked beans and add them to a pot with fresh water. 
  • Add to your favorite chili recipe. 
  • Goya Red Kidney Beans can also be used to make a hearty and nutritious soup. 
  • Goya Red Kidney Beans can also be added to salads.


Net Weight: 15.5 Oz

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