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Goya Sofrito Tomato Cooking Base 12oz


Transform your next meal with Goya's Sofrito Tomato Cooking Base! This delicious, all-natural 12oz blend of tomatoes, garlic, onions, and cilantro will give your dishes an unforgettable flavorful kick. Add a touch of this pre-made base to any meal and experience an explosion of vibrant tastes!

Versatile Flavor Enhancer

Goya Sofrito Tomato Cooking Base is a versatile flavor enhancer that can take your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. It adds a burst of rich, authentic Latin flavor to your cooking, making it a fantastic addition to your pantry.

Rich Tomato Flavor

The base is packed with the vibrant and robust flavor of ripe tomatoes, offering a delicious and tangy taste that can elevate any dish you prepare. It's like having fresh tomatoes at your fingertips all year round.

Convenient 12oz Size

The 12oz size of the jar is ideal for both occasional home cooks and those who enjoy Latin cuisine regularly. It ensures you have enough to experiment with various recipes without committing to a large quantity.

How to Use:

  • Enhance your sofrito
  • Elevate your marinades
  • Boost your sauces
  • Add depth to your soups and stews
  • Infuse your rice and beans with flavor


Net Weight: 12 Oz