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Instant Honey Ginger Tea Original Flavor - 20 Sachets


Instant Honey Ginger Tea with Original Flavor is crafted using carefully selected ginger root and natural honey. The ginger root is known for its aromatic and soothing properties, offering a gentle warmth and potential health benefits

No Artificial Colors Or Preservatives

Honsei Instant Honey Ginger Tea is made with all-natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. This makes it a good choice for people who are allergic to artificial colors or preservatives, or who prefer to avoid them.

Boost The Immune System

Ginger and honey are both known for their immune-boosting properties. Drinking Honsei Instant Honey Ginger Tea may help to strengthen your immune system and protect you from getting sick.

 All-Natural Ingredients

Honey Ginger Tea is made with two all-natural ingredients: ginger and honey. Ginger is a root that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its many health benefits. Honey is a natural sweetener that is also known for its health benefits.


  • Drink it on its own or add it to your favorite smoothie or yogurt recipe.
  • Use it to make a warming and comforting cup of tea on a cold day.
  • Drink it after a meal to help with digestion.
  • Keep a few sachets in your purse or car for a quick and easy cup of tea on the go.
  • You can also add milk or lemon juice to your tea to taste.


Net Weight: 18g/0.63oz x 20 Sachets

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