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Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts


Delight your taste buds with Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts! These incredibly crispy and flavorful peanuts provide an irresistible snack suitable for any occasion. Savor the delectable nutty taste and bid farewell to soggy peanuts for good!

Delicious Snack

Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts are made with just two ingredients: peanuts and peanut oil. They are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This means that you can enjoy a delicious snack without any of the unhealthy additives that are found in many other snacks.


Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts are kosher certified. This means that they have been prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. Kosher certification is important for people who follow the Jewish faith.

Low Carb

Our Roasted Peanuts are a good snack option for people on a low-carb diet. Low-carb diets are diets that restrict the intake of carbohydrates. It is a macronutrient that is found in foods such as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.


  • Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts are a delicious and satisfying snack on their own.
  • Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts add a crunchy texture and nutty flavor to salads. 
  • Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts are a great addition to trail mix.
  • Ikenny Dry Roasted Peanuts can be used in a variety of recipes.
  • Get creative and experiment with different recipes and ideas. 


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